Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Awakening the Dreamer - Changing the Dream

I have since been trained as a facilitator, so if you are intrigued by what you see on the Awakening the Dreamer site (especially watch the 4 minute video) then please look for a symposium near you!

When I was invited to the Awakening the Dreamer symposium - I thought 'GREAT! I'd love some encouragement and renewed energy to make MY dreams a reality!' (and it was a nice break from my three little boys!)
I was about 2 hours into the 4 hour program thinking it was taking a LONG time to focus on 'my' dreams. I was fascinated by the images from around the world, enraputed by the stories and astonished with the facts,... but when was it going to be about me?
And that was when it hit me... if WAS all about me, AND had nothing to do with me, all at the same time. Now I may be simple and take a while to catch on, but when I do, I latch on like a bulldog! I've latched onto the idea of an "Environmentally sustainable, Socially just, Spiritually fulfilling human pressence on this planet."

It is about more then recycling, practicing the Golden Rule, or saying my prayers. It is about more then my small, single, prideful dreams. It is about more then paying lip service to nature, species and human rights. It is about more then awakening - although all these things lead to awakening.
It is about changing the dream of the modern world. And the dream is 'So powerful is the light of Unity that it can illuminate the whole earth.' It is what holds the boulders together, it is why the flower turns toward the sun and why the moth burns its wings on the lamp.
It is about LOVE. Love for self, all others, and earth.
And it awakens in our heart, grows in our home, blossoms in our community and flourishes on our planet.
So I am going to go home, recycle, live right and pray with my little boys, and plant a seed of awakening in their hearts, so that this world is a beautiful garden for all of earth's treasures.

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  1. Hi Jess! I just read about your blog and challenge in the Toronto Star article and am delighted to check it out. I've been blogging on my same challenge (one year with nothing new) since Dec. 2009-the exciting lead up to 2010 without shopping for new stuff. I also appreciate the new links you have, I'm always looking for ideas and fodder to keep me motivated. I am currently reading 'Not Buying it' by Judith Levine, and you can check out my blog at www.nonewfortara.blogspot.com.
    I'll be keeping an eye on how you guys progress and wishing you luck and fun. I've really enjoyed the blog part as a way to have some positive structure (and learn something totally new to me) as I do a goal that is some ways is about NOT doing something!
    ps: have you checked out the video (0n youtube) 'The Story of Stuff'? it's very fitting for a year with nothing new.