Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I probably shouldn't be blogging about this but...

but I am steamed!!! Our boys don't have hoards of toys, but what they do have they can't seem to handle. All I asked for was 10 little wee minutes of them helping ME help THEM pick up THEIR stuff.
Too much to ask apparently. You'd think that I'd asked them to walk a mile in my shoes or something!! So I lost it... and I am not even feeling like a bad mommy! This madness has to stop somewhere sometime. And it is today - March 30 2010.
Sigh. Who am I kidding?


  1. I would put it all in a garbage bag and take it to the Salvage yard. Don't take care of your toys? Get 'em taken away.

  2. I AM doing that with a great many of them - but in light of the challenge I can't get rid of them all as they would be hard to replace! haha

  3. I just put them in a garbage bag after the alloted time given to pick them up, and store them downstairs for a couple of weeks until they show me they can pick up after themselves.