Sunday, March 28, 2010

My first time in 20 years!

So Hubby has been working on getting us all bikes and helmets etc for the last couple years at garage sales and such. Yesterday was the big day - the first family ride. Hubby and the boys have gone before, but not momma. So I was... scared. Yes, that adequately describes it. So when Hubby said that the tires wouldn't hold air, I was relieved! Yeah! No bike ride for me today!! But Hubby had an ace up his sleeve - the Salvage Centre. So off we all trapsed to the Salvage Centre and for $2 he was able to get me a new tire (and new tires for our 8 year olds bike once he wears through the ones he has on now) LOVE that place! So within the hour, all 5 of us were riding off down the trail. And yes, after 20 years, riding a bike for the first time is just like, well, riding a bike!

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