Saturday, March 20, 2010

Who: Our normal, unassuming, curious family of five.

What: Creatively finding ways to meet our needs and wants while not buying anything new.

When: January - December 2010

Where: In all areas of our lives, but more specifically in our consuming habits.

Why: To create a NEW norm; to grow our consciousness to such a point that we are truly thoughtful about our consuming choices; to use goods the earth has already paid for.


  1. Wonderful Jess Doing great keep it up .Maybe Dustin and I will try this and see if we can manage not to buy new things.

  2. saw your article on Toronto Star and immediately posted it on my FB profile. I bought nothing new (or pretty much nothing) for an entire week and it really felt great. I will continue to challenge myself and do this more often. Very inspiring. Thank you for doing this, even though you have young children. I have a 13 yr. old boy and a 3 yr. old daughter and am married.

  3. I am going back through your archives! What a great challenge. Difficult!!! But GREAT!