Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A dime's worth of time for a nickle's worth of cash...

A good point has been brought up by a comment made by 'Manganic' under the post 'So much for that'.
"A dime's worth of time for a nickle's worth of cash" may not be good value."
And certainly this is true - if our main purpose was to save cash. We have many reasons for this challenge, only one of which is saving money. Our main focus is to teach not only ourselves, but more importantly our children, the value of a dollar, delayed gratification and reevaluating our needs and wants as well as how to meet them.
Our situation may not be the same as everyone's - as a stay at home mom, I have the time to research what works best for our family. Being married to Jamie is also a great gift as he is uber handy, talented and open to thinking outside the box. I don't know how well this challenge would work if we both weren't on the same page. We also have the benefit of our children being young and impressionable - either by us, or consumerism.
I had to smile as big as a cheshire cat the other night. Jamie and Andrew (8 year old son) were watching a commercial for some fishing lures - 'the newest and greatest the market has ever seen'! Jamie and his boys are big fishermen. While Jamie was oohing and aahing over the lures and how he has always wanted them and how great they were, Andrew calmly said, 'but remember our challenge dad'?
Aahh... maybe the point IS being passed on. I am not concerned if there are people out there who 'don't get it', all that matters to me, is that my 8 year old does. :)

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