Friday, April 9, 2010

Dollar Store Distraction

I walked by a dollar store yesterday - lots of colorful stuff hanging in the windows and sale signs beckoning my arrival. My initial thought was, 'I should go in there after.' (doing my errand). It was an automatic thought. I don't NEED a blessed thing from The Dollar Store. So that got me thinking about how many times I used to go in a store 'just to look around', 'just to kill time' (don't like the term 'kill time' by the way... we should be 'living' our time, not 'killing it', but anyways...) 'see if I need anything', and other such justifications of why I should enter a store.
Now I have no good excuse to enter a store unless it is the grocery store, or the occaisional second hand store if we do discover something we need.
So I asked myself 'how do I feel about that?'... I laughed and realized that I felt completely fine!! Almost free. Still had a little niggle to 'just go and see', but at least I was concious of it this time, and was able to make a thoughtful decision.
So I smiled and got back in the van and drove home.


  1. SO true! Shopping used to be my favourite activity -- now it's hunting at thrift stores!

  2. This has happened to me SO many times. This is why we started baking our own bread and also why we joined a food co-op. We buy the majority of what we need every 4-6 weeks, then we don't need to shop so often!

  3. Same happened with ours. The vinager really works for that also. It may take 2 or three washes with vinager before you see a difference but my dishes were never cleaner and I don't have to rewash the dishes either. Try it.

  4. This may sound funny (since we tend toward frugality) but I often do browse dollar stores without being on a special mission, since the good stuff they have tends to come and go quickly. There are a few food products that we can get cheaper at the dollar store than at the supermarket; we also buy hydrogen peroxide there, index cards, notebooks, and certain craft supplies. Of course it's easy to get carried away, but if you're pretty sure you will have a use for something, it's sometimes a good idea to get it when you see it.

    Just a thought.