Monday, April 19, 2010

Global National

We are so surprised at how much attention our challenge is having. Global National phoned this morning to set up an interview for 1.5 hours later. Jamie and I are getting really good at cleaning the house really fast! haha
So check out the interview tonight (Monday, 19th) at 5:30. I wonder if the camera will add 10 pounds to my nose again?!


  1. Barbara - Medicine HatApril 19, 2010 at 6:20 PM

    Sorry, I don't see the big deal and this is not a new circumstance. There are plenty of families out there that DO NOT buy new. There are lots of people out there that either can not buy new or choose not to.
    I, myself, can afford to buy new. I make a very good salary but for years have shopped at Value Village, the Salvation Army Thrift stores, garage sales or other second hand shops for clothes, house and garden items.
    I have no idea why you are getting so much attention. The news media must be desperate.

  2. Thanks for sharing Barbara.
    You are right - what we are doing IS nothing new. This started out as a personal family challenge and has snowballed into something we never expected or set out for, but I am gracious enough to share our story with whoever asks, because it ISN'T about us, it is about what we ALL can do to reevaluate and rethink - and perhaps that is the part of the story that the media finds so interesting and current.

  3. Its very easy to cast judgement... however try going a whole year not buying anything new.. have you ever challenged your thought process? What the Gabriels are doing might not be "new".. but they are opening their minds to something different... try opening your mind Barbara before you cast judgement on others

  4. I saw your family's tidbit on FB. I had to laugh actually. I live on $185 per month after internet costs. I choose to have internet as it is cheaper than calling family on the telephone. I know someone who lives on $75 per month. The nearest town is 32km away and that takes $20 for gas money to hire someone to drive me to do my monthly shopping. So that leaves me with $165 minus $4 monthly bank fee plus I leave $10 on top to make sure I have enough bank fee money for the next month. So basically $151 per month. So I guess your message is for people who are above poverty line.

  5. Kudos to you for living on $151 a month!! That doesn't even cover the amount of insurance we pay! lol Of course we all have different situations, and this challenge may not apply across the board... but rethinking can.

  6. I cannot understand why people would even think they are allowed to judge you for doing this Jessica...people AMAZE me. Their criticism and negativity is quite something. Wow.
    You are doing such a cool thing...what a great challenge. Who cares if it is not "brand new" is your own challenge and one that has drawn attention to your family. Cool.
    I am not sure what the person's point is who lives on 151 a month? Why did she, "have to laugh" at your tidbit on facebook?
    Anyway, you're doing a really interesting and cool thing. I don't know if I would be up for that challenge!

  7. Hi Jess,

    Jen at Muddy Boots Dream mentioned the interesting and noble challenge for you and your family. Although we are not "buyers", so much of people's buying is spontaneous. We continue to shed, cleaning out closets, giving to charity, and of course we grow most of our fruits and vegetables during the growing season. If you are interested in organic seeds, one of the places we get them is Territorial (mail order) in Cottage Grove, OR. Best of luck in our endeavors. Diana