Friday, April 2, 2010

I should have paid more attention...

when my parents tried to teach me how to garden, (and my husband would add, cook!) but I was too busy being a teenager who thought she knew everything, and thought that gardening, cooking, knitting, baking and the like were things that 'old' people did. Now I am 35 and don't know how to make a turkey dinner, bake buns or shortbread from scratch, pickle cucumbers or hem pants.
Sigh... well... I guess I am 'old' now as I find myself (some would say 'finally') drawn toward the domestic arts! Some times I frantically phone my mother with questions such as, 'how do I hard boil eggs... step by step?', or 'how do I wash the afghan you gave me for my 18th birthday?', and the question of today... 'can I take out last years leaves from the flower beds (because it looks messy) or do I have to leave them in there to provide mulch'? (and how do I make that look nice... or is the trick to change my mind about what looks good?)
Mom didn't answer the phone. So I abandoned my rakes, shovels, hoes, scrappers and thingymabobs and called it a day.
I'll work on my green thumb tomorrow.


  1. for help in the cooking section - I really enjoy the website Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond - she has step by step pictures that show how to make all kinds of things - my family has enjoyed anything that I have made from her site. It helps that there are lots of pictures - because when you are cooking something for the first time, I find it hard to know if it "looks" right at each step. She also has a really interesting blog about her life in general and pages on photography, homeschooling and other stuff too!
    Also, love Two Peas and their pod - they have great easy recipes as well.

  2. I don't claim to be the best gardener, but I do my best and usually get a pretty reasonable result. Call whenever you need.

  3. The easiest way I've evr found to make a turkey: Preheat the oven to 500 degrees. Wash the turkey and take out all the stuff they put inside. Put the turkey in a baking pan. Stick it in the oven. Timer or one hour. Turn the oven off. DO NOT at any time open the oven door until the oven has completely cooled, from the time you put the turkey in the oven. Voila, perfect, juicy, golden and cooked through!

  4. Thanks for the tips Gals! I still haven't embarked on the cooking arts, but I am working hard on the art of organizing, decluttering and 'making pretty and functional' one and the same!