Sunday, April 11, 2010

More IS more... sometimes.

I have a boeing 747 getting ready for take off in the kitchen. Oh wait... that is my dishwasher. We bought it 3 years ago. We bought a lower priced one. It worked well for the first little bit, but as friends and family can attest they haven't drunk from a clean dishwasher washed glass in years. I just tell them that it is sterilized gunk! Every time I 'wash' the dishes and open the door to put them away I want to go postal!! They are anything but the sparkling specimens I see on commercials. (and yes, we have tried the Jet Dry's and what not)
We have been given some flack in the media about ruining the economy by not buying anything new - our entire capitalistic system is going to self destruck!! (in 5 seconds... LOVE Inspector Gadget... wish he was on the case of planned obselescence - he and Penny would figure out how to make products last longer then the warranty!)
Well, let me say this... when we DO go back to buying, we will be making more informed choices, where the bottom dollar isn't always the guiding force. Sometimes you can't get more for less. Sometimes you have to spend more to get more.


  1. Try to use vinager in the dishwasher. Just pour about a cup in the bottom of the dishwasher before starting and the glasses and cutlery will shine! We have hard water and the dishes were always smoky and dirty when I used the dishwasher. Now everything comes out clean and sparkling.

  2. thanks for the tip :)
    Our problem is that food gets stuck to everything. We have taken everything apart and there appears to be no blockage so we don't know why the food particles aren't getting drained out.
    So frustrating to have to wash the dishes after they have been washed! haha

  3. I just came across your blog. What a great challenge. I'll be following your adventure. For your dishwasher, have you tried using less soap? We had the same problem and then totally cut back on the powdered soap. We only add about a tablespoon and now the dishes and glasses come out really clean.

  4. Another good tip Melisa... we've always used the tabs, maybe we should switch to loose powder... hmmm...
    I have to report that I am going to pass off this dishwasher unloading job to my 8 year old. I just can't bear to look at the 'clean' dishes as I put them away!!