Monday, April 19, 2010

So much for that!

While watching the interview with Nothing New Nothing Wasted on Global National news tonight it dawned on my husband and I that it was quiet in the house. Too quiet. And with 3 little boys in the house 'quiet' is synonomous with 'up-to-something'!!
Sure enough they were!
A friend had decluttered her kids toys and had given me this 'make a plastic frog' craft thingy. It looked cool, in good shape, and not really used. My plan was to give it to my 4 turning 5 year old for his birthday in 3 weeks. Well now I need a new plan, because, you guessed it, they found it! I will give them kudos for playing quietly and cooperatively with each other though.


  1. Jess, just saw the Global News segment, and no it didn't add any weight to you. LOL.

    What a great idea, let's hope that it catches on. We ourselves have always tried to think before buying, we live in a small condo. Trust me, there is definitely not enough room. I also try not to "buy into" the latest trends, in either clothing, or household goods.

    I will have to admit to just purchasing a laptop, and it is new, [you would have found that out anyways if you read my blog] it's no secret. But I need the access for my business.

    I am interested in seeing how you do throughout the year, best of luck, this is wonderful.


  2. Hi Jen,
    We all do what we can, right?
    There are certain things we all need new or otherwise (like your laptop for work). We have no problem with buying new, we are just really doing a lot more thinking before we purchase someting, how we purchase it, and what we bring into our home.
    I'm going to go check out your 'muddy boots'! Thanks for your positive comments :)

  3. You sound like very committed woman. Good luck with your challenge. If you haven't read it consider "The tightwad gazette" when you want a boost in your battle.

  4. I've said this on Facebook, and I'll repeat it here. I respect your choice, and certainly there are lots of second-hand options out there that are fairly decent value for money, but the point comes to how much time and effort one is willing to spend on saving money and getting that best possible deal.

    If you're spending a dime's worth of time to save a nickel in cash, I'd suggest you're not getting good value.

    Good luck with the experiment. I'll be interested to see how it all works out.

  5. Jess, can you please email me? wateringcans[at]

    I have a few questions for you.

    Muddy Boot Dreams

  6. I came here from Muddy Boot Dreams. As I said to her this is such an interesting thing to do. Of course previous generations lived this way because they had no choice.
    Good for you for making the choice. It is of course a little easier for our generation to do this because we are starting out with 10 times more stuff than they had to begin with. Lol.
    For your gardening challenges I suggest going to the library and getting the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.
    I don't know how big your garden will be but this book makes a lot of sense when planting a food garden.
    Good luck and enjoy the ride.

  7. Manganic - I think I will write a post commenting on some of your concerns...

    Lori E - SO much stuff eh?! The Global National reporter asked where we thought we were going to get most of our needs met this year, and my first answers was to go shopping in our own house!! SO much stuff stuffed in the corners over the years! We too are decluttering bit by bit, repurposing stuff, finishing things we've started and being particular about what we allow in the house these days. Thanks for the gardening advice.

  8. Hi Jess, I came over from Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams.
    You go girl..this is an awesome project..I think there is also something to be said for networking, sharing and bartering..
    I am anxious to follow your adventure! My motto has been if I can't eat it or read it I don't need it..but I do go shopping every once in awhile..and I recently bought a new laptop and some new T shirts without holes:)