Monday, April 5, 2010

to buy or not to buy?

One thing I didn't count on when I naively created this challenge for our family was the destructive curiosity of the 3 little boys! Our two year old has stuffed a bunch of tooth brushes down the sink. Easy fix you may be thinking - just unscrew the pipe below and they will fall out. And they would have, if the fellow who installed the sink 14 some years ago didn't make the steel pipe too long! Now the plastic peice won't slide down far enough. We will have to cut it off. The long and short of it is, one pipe is too long, and one is too short! It will probably cost only a few dollars to fix; but a challenge is a challenge. So. What to do now? Post on freecyle or kijiji that I need a plastic pipe thingy for under the sink? (because everyone will know what I am talking about right?! lol) or drive to the hardware store (five mins away)(Hmmm... or maybe bike there!) and buy a brand new one? Or drive across the city (45 mins) to the Habitat for Humanity Restore on the off chance that they have what we are looking for?
You may be thinking that I am over thinking.
And you are right!
That is what this challenge is all about. Thinking. Making conscious choices.
We never planned on making these choices with so many people watching our every move and ready to critize us. (read some of the comments from the Toronto Star article)
So I will put an attempt on freecyle or kijiji if someone knows what the heck I am talking about, and will gladly take it if it is local, and we don't have to wait too long for a response. Failing that, I WILL go 5 mins to the local hardware store and buy a BRAND new one. Why? 'cause the point of this isn't to be so rigid that we lose our common sense, and because another point of this is to make the right choices for not just our wallets, but for the environment. Driving across the city to 'maybe' find what we need just to be rigid in our challenge and cocky in our report to the blog isn't a wise move either.
And I guess we will need new toothbrushes...


  1. Sometimes, new's the only way. But the THINKING is the whole reason behind this, yes? The planning to not buy new is the journey.

  2. yes and yes! and we can't plan for everything... otherwise life would be boring! haha

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  4. Opps, I had a spelling mistake in my last comment so to save Carol the heart attack, I deleted it.

    You gotta do what you gotta do. Doesn't mean you failed in your challenge. Carol is right, the real challenge is in the thinking. That's what you did. You thought it through, came up with a plan and will execute your plan with conscious thinking.

  5. What?!?!?!?! You bought new toothbrushes!!!! lol

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