Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Western Wheel

Check out the 'interviews and blogs' section for an article that came out in our local paper - The Western Wheel. There is a quote in there of me saying that 'the world doesn't need to make anymore shoes and that there are enough shoes in the world'... I had to laugh, as I figured I would get some flack from that. Just to let you know, that isn't quite what I said. The world CAN keep making shoes, it is just that it doesn't need to make a new pair for me all the time as I can find some second hand that I would be more than happy with. It is hard for reporters to transcribe an interview over the phone, so it is understandable that miscommunications take place from time to time. I am unconcerned about it, but just thought I'd clarify before I got a bunch of understandably confused responses! haha

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