Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of 'those' mornings...

Andrew, our 8 year old book lover, came to me this morning wanting his wallet so he could buy a certain book from the last bookfair of the year at school. It is hard to remind him about the challenge when it is for books... I mean, it isn't like he is asking for plastic dollar store crap or the newest whatzit from the action aisle. As we were discussing it, he became upset and pouty thinking that there will never be a book fair ever again. I understand his pain. I've walked by quite a few things that tugged at me, for the most part now though, I don't even remember what they were. I wanted nothing more then to give him the $5 for his book. I mean, no mother likes to see thier kid upset. We knew there would be some rough patches throughout the year with this challenge - and really, we haven't had too many. What amazes me though is Andrew's fortitude and understanding. After we talked about it and I shared with him something that I wanted but was choosing to not buy, and he knew he wasn't alone in this, and that the challenge will end, he was fine! These children are so resilient!
My plan for tonight, to teach him other ways to get his needs and wants met, is to take him to the library and have him ask the librarians if they have the book that he can sign out. If that doesn't work, we will move onto using the internet as a resource - asking for it on freecyle, posting it on Kijiji or finding a used copy on Amazon. Even if we don't find the book he is looking for, he will have learned the valuable skill of being resourceful.


  1. Do you have used book stores where you live? We have a few resources like that and my kids LOVE pawing through the boxes. We can spend hours there! Hang in there little Andrew...your Mama is teaching you a valuable character building lesson that will help you in a HUGE way!

  2. Great that he loves to read. My grandson (12yo) loves to read and has so advanced due to his love of books. His siblings are learning to enjoy reading too.

    Amazon sells tons of used books. Becca

  3. You have turned a negative into a real positive.

    I love the library, and blushingly wonder if I am one of their biggest users. I just can't afford to buy all those books I read each week. And hey, we pay $29.00 in taxes each year for it, so...I get my moneys worth.

    I guess there is a reason they call it a challenge, not a pleasure. You have made a lot of people think twice before getting that dollar store "stuff" and other non necessary items. Kind of fun, looking at life in a different way.