Saturday, July 24, 2010


I bought pillows. 5 of them!! Two for our new arrivals (I mean, nothing says 'Welcome to our home' than a new pillow, towels - Oh yeah... I bought towels too!!) And three for the boys because we finally bought proper covers for them and the mattresses. (second-hand from the salvage centre) I've tried to go the cheap route over the years - which meant PVC leaking sheets that probably ate some of their brain cells, (or they would know how to listen... I'm sure of it! haha)stunk up the house for days and ended up ripping when they jumped on the bed. (Yes. Boys jump on the bed. I let them. It is what they are supposed to do) So a few nights ago I trapsed off to Walmart to go to the non-food part of the store. I was giddy! Looking behind myself, waiting for the 'I thought you weren't buying anything new' Police to tap me on the shouldar with one of those raised eyebrow looks, I confidently got a cart and turned right to 'stuff' instead of left to food. Having not shopped for new for quite a while, I luxuriated in it. haha Went over all the details, trying to make the best decisions for my pocket book as well as Mother Earth's.
To be smart in this challenge I've learned to own it for our family and not for the details that will spur the naysayers on. Yes. I bought new. My family doens't need to sleep on pillows that have been peed on, (remember, boys. 3 boys!)blood from nose bleeds (boys) and boogers! (sigh... boys) And I am not welcoming my MIL with a pillow in the same condiiton!
I bought 3 waterproof pillow case covers (and of course the pillows) two waterproof mattress covers to prevent the mattresses from soon ending up where we took the old ones today - the dump. I'm not convinced that they are the best environmentally - but until those become readily available to the regular consumer, these will have to do.
At the end of the day I got inordinate pleasure from buying the most simple and basic of things - things that are behind the scenes and hardly exciting! (but after nearly 7 months of not buying anything new, it satiated my 'buy-bug'!)


  1. wait, i thought you weren't supposed to buy anything new

  2. Are you more worried about the details or the spirit of the challenge? You bet your boots I am NOT going to welcome precious guests into our house with pillows that have been peed on! These things I CHOSE to buy were for them - NOT for me. They aren't involved in the challenge, are moving from across the country to live with us and do not have the means to support themselves. But if you are more concerned about the details, this won't satisfy you.