Saturday, July 24, 2010

Marilyn, my mother in love is moving in!

We have the extraordinary privilege of being able to open our home to my husbands mother and her bf - moving all the way from Newfoundland. A HUGE move for her, who has lived her entire life in one place and had never been on a plane until we flew her here in December last year. It had been 24 years since Jamie had seen his mother! Anyway, this presented me with a challenge! Develope a nice living space for them. We had a bed and armoire already, but had to buy another one for the renter we have living with us as she had to give up her room to accommodate the new arrivals :)
The Salvage Centre is my saving grace! It is a place kinda like a garage sale/second hand store. People drop things off that they don't want anymore, and people take what they do need for a very low price.
I have managed to get a bed for our renter (no a frame yet) and dressers, chair for MIL's room, frames to spray paint and make her an art gallery wall (pictures of her family is what keeps her happy) and a bedspread set, as well as some little things to decorate her new room with. I know I have gotten other things, but they have been rolled into our stuff already and can't remember what is 'new' anymore! haha Perhaps if I muster some smarts, I will take a picture when it is all done and post them here to show how easy it is to make a beautiful, comfortable, 'new' room for next to no money and very little resources. It does take time, creativity, planning and an assumption that you will get what you want and need :)

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