Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two year olds, flat screen t.v.'s and more

Three years ago I asked my husband if we could buy this house. He said he didn't care, as long as whatever house he lived in he could have a flatscreen. Done! haha (a great house in exhange for $2000 t.v.? SOLD) (I love my husband - he is a Newfie at heart - layed back, never asks for anything, accommodating and very very funny!) The t.v. and Will are... I mean, were, roughly the same age. (Will turns 3 in 3 days) Unfortunately the t.v. will never see another birthday! Will got slap happy a couple weeks ago. We let him live! lol In keeping with the challenge I went on Kijiji (second hand online site) to look for another flatscreen (I admire those families who go without t.v. We are NOT one of those families, but when this story is all said and done, we wondered if the Universe was trying to tell us something!) I found a beautiful 46 Aquos Sharp. It was thin. It was light. It was beautiful. It worked great when hubby bought it. It broke sometime between getting it here and setting it up!!! It was $800. I didn't even know what to say. My husband said he'd have gotten more joy out of driving down the road throwing hundred dollar bills out the window. It would have brought someone happiness. We really debated what to do then. We didn't want to make an unwise decision and buy another one off of Kijiji - because the only other one was older and not a good brand. We slunk ed into Sears and walked up to the electronics department and told our sad story. She was very informative and reassured us that these t.v.s ARE very fragile. She then led us to one that was almost bullet proof (she literally banged on it. I cringed. what if she broke 'our' t.v.?!) Jamie said he'd take the hit and we could blame him for breaking the challenge. I was desperate and agreed. But then she told us it was a demo model. (and had only been for a few weeks) I raised my eyebrow and hubby and I looked at each other, and signed on the dotted line.
I can't be sure if we broke the challenge or not. Technically it WAS a demo model, but I think we fudged the spirit of the challenge a bit. I've found a lot of grey areas with this challenge. I am learning that it is a balance between smart, thoughtful decisions, and not stressing out if we stray a couple times throughout the year. After all, it is OUR challenge. Not the media's or the naysayers. It started out as ours, and will end as ours and we are the ones who have to live with the decisions we make. And having their mother in the loony bin for the next 5 months because she's had no down time while the boys watch Treehouse,(commercial-free cartoons 24/7) simply isn't good for the boys! ;)


  1. Hey- don't beat yourself up to much. Your doing a ton more than MOST of the people out there. I think what your doing is fantastic. There are a lot of things I could learn to live without- T.V. is NOT one of them! ;)

  2. Thanks :)
    I know eh?! I mean where else could we watch Oasis HD!! - that channel makes me fall in love with the earth and its creatures and peoples everytime I watch it!
    (and less meritoriously, those dreaded 'reality' t.v. shows! haha

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  4. Jess, I am so happy to see a blog post from you, and I totally understand busy. Don't let anyone tell you what to do, it's your challenge, and your life. I hear you, did without TV for one year, it was good, but I was a overworked single woman...then. Now, I really wonder about families that say they don't watch TV...giggle.

    Best of luck to you and your new roommates.


  5. Reading this I can relate. We all have our line in the sand. As a young mom, your kids need to be yours. For my buy nothing new year, my line in the sand is 'health purchases'. So for example, I allowed myself a new 'bag on wheels' because my neck has been really messed up this year. But I did agonize over it for ages, but finally decided it fit within my 'ground rules criteria' because it was for my health. Only got one neck and all :)
    Best of luck with staying true to the spirit of the challenge for the rest of your year!!

  6. No kidding I cannot go without TV for even a day...demo tv should count as 2nd hand, and if not...who cares:)