Thursday, August 5, 2010

WHAT?! That is sooo cool!!

Just when I think the exposure of this challenge can't possibly go any further, something else pops up! I just found out that we are featured in an ebook!
These people looked at over 3000 sites and chose what they felt were the best 10 sites, on being green or going greener, in 10 different categories. Our blog is featured in the 'Inspiration' category. Other categories include children, garbage, pets, home, garden, money, resources, life and self. Remember - there 10 different sites in each of these categories. Please go check them out!


  1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for posting over on my blog about the chalk paint. I love what you and your family are doing here! We did a 90 challenge two years ago this same way. It was hard but now that I have gotten so into rehabs and finding joy in making old things new I think I could do much better at it. I thought I would let you know since your trying not to buy anything new that you can make your own chalkboard paint too! Check out Martha Stewart living online and type in chalkboard paint into the search box =) You can get any color you want this way!