Friday, October 29, 2010

Another challenge....

As this challenge draws to a close, I find myself thinking ahead and wondering what to do for a challenge next year. This challenge really brought our family together on the same page. It gave the kids a great family identity. I am SO proud of them! If Jamie or I found ourselves pining away for something we saw on t.v. Andrew was always the first one to remind us about the challenge. Now, rather than ask 'Can we buy that?' they say, 'When we chose to buy things that are new, I think I would like to have XXX.' They are putting more thought into it now. They have been told that as a reward for participating so enthusiasticly all year they could each pick out a new toy once the challenge is over. I see them weighing their options and thinking about it a lot more.
People have asked me what is the first thing that I will buy once the challenge is over and I honestly don't know! What I have been thinking about though, is next years challenge...
The options are as endless as they can be personal. It can be anything from start recycling, to volunteering once a month, to starting family dinner/game night to finding a new way to meet some of your needs or wants. It doesn't have to be something you 'stop' doing (like we did with not buying anything new) it can be something you 'start' doing! That is going to be our focus this year. I just don't know what it is yet! Have you ever thought about what you would do?


  1. you and your family have truly proven the old adage, one person can make a difference!
    YOU inspire people!!

    What ever you decide to do, it will be great, that we know for sure!

    Laura Soby

  2. We are recycling bottles, milk jugs, juice contanier, and boxes thanks to you Jess! I would like to go further with that and do it all. We have started this year to use enviro cleaning detergents we feel good about it all. Kay does the bottles separates and counts and she was rewared with a sweater from Loulou Lemon. <3

  3. pay for everything in cash wHeN all possible, this way I have total control on how much I speNd aNd what I speNd it on. Work on my humanitarian goals for the local community aNd the ReadiNg Program. I loved reading how your kids aRe takiNg tiMe to coNsideR what toy they aRe goiNg to get. Your faMily goal of not buying aNytHiNg new this past year really left an impression on tHeM aNd oNe that I tHiNk will stay with tHeM as they get older.

  4. Laura - thanks for your faith in us! lol Sometimes I wonder about us! lol
    Sweet life - one of the great things about the recycling you are doing is that you actually get money from it! Do you find it has become second nature? I remember a time when it wasn't for you. There are companies out there that make their living off of making recycling easier for people - we used to have Recycle This pick it up every Friday for a year and the cost was only $134 dollars! Nothing got built up, the clutter was always gone, we didn't have to haul it to the depot in the cold, or sort the plastics!
    Poetic Garden - what a GREAT idea about using only cash! I might have to add that one to my list of options to think about!!

  5. I just got home from our Bible study where we talked about how we can be more generous with our finances (even the poorest Canadian is richer than most of our world) and more generous with our time and talents as well. So... how about a year of RAKs where you as a family and individual family members commit to doing at least one RAK each week... can be simple and on your own, can be planned or spontaneous or can be a combination... but bottom line is to intentionally look for RAK ops all year!!! I'd love to read the stories that would come from that :) Blessings on you and your family no matter what you decide!!!