Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I would get fired!

It is a good thing this blog isn't my job - because I'd get fired for inactivity! I am here now so lets see where my thoughts take me...
It is getting long now. Tedious. Tempting. We have been doing this for over nine months now. I can even see the light at the end of the tunnel! But I can also see the tunnel is full of enticing things I want that I have to walk by to get to the end of the challenge and see the light. Take two weeks ago for example - Craft, Stitching, Scrapbooking trade fair. I felt like a crack addict in a crack house!! (I mean no disrespect with that analogy)I was surrounded by all things creative. There were moments where I literally vibrated! lol Stickles for only a dollar?! Gorgeous ribbon for only $3?! That new thingamabob that looks like it will make my life so much more worth living?! On and On and On. I tried to tell myself that if I bought, I'd actually be *saving* money because I know I will buy it eventually. Some booths I walked by with my blinders on and didn't even dare explore.
Looking back now, I learned a couple things about myself; 1) it is okay to be tempted, it is what you choose to do with that feeling 2) that if I was really in the zen of this challenge I'd be able to explore each booth without blinders on, with peace in my heart. 3) that I managed to make it through the fair because I had friends keeping me accountable 4) in a lot of ways the challenge was a gift - an 'out' because I could have spent hundreds of dollars that day! lol 5) that I am proud of myself.
Not buying on the spot has enabled me to really think hard about the stuff I wanted to buy. I now have 3 months to weigh all things and make an informed, delayed, thoughtful decision.
Now is the challenge in the challenge for me - I've been great all year. I guess these next 3 months will tell me what kind of woman, consumer, or role-model I am. It will test my virtues of committment, perseverance and follow-through.
It will be interesting!


  1. Hi Jessica!

    I am now thinking, if I can go challenge myself to not buy anything new for a whole month.

    I don't think I can go for a year, so I'm thinking of trying it for just a month.

    What you are doing is really great, and very admirable. Keep those blinders on :)


  2. Ever since i read this blog - i have been more aware of what i'm buying and were i'm buying. For example i have found a great 2nd hand kids cloths store - i am very determined to not buy new cloths for the kids. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Hi Carrie - of all the things there are an abundance of, it is kids clothes, eh?! I know my three little boys will mess up new clothes in a nano second, and nowadays, kids clothes are more expensive than MY clothes... so previously loved is great for me!