Friday, June 11, 2010

One of 'those' learning experiences...

Andrew learned a valuable lesson the other night - the lesson of being resourceful and finding what you want in a different way. We DID go to the library to ask if they had the book he was looking for. I coached him a bit on what to say and then hovered around like any mother would! haha
The library didn't have the book. BUT it was in the system at a different library so they are ordering it for him!! LOVE the library! LOVE when being resourceful pays off... because to be honest, other than the couple other ideas I had to find the book, if none of those paid off, I don't know what I would do! I know we would have been faithful to the challenge, but wasn't looking forward to a sad boy and having to reexplain why he couldn't have something he wanted. Like so many times though, he experienced what the rest of us, I'm sure, have experienced so often - he had forgotten all about it by the time he got home from school!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One of 'those' mornings...

Andrew, our 8 year old book lover, came to me this morning wanting his wallet so he could buy a certain book from the last bookfair of the year at school. It is hard to remind him about the challenge when it is for books... I mean, it isn't like he is asking for plastic dollar store crap or the newest whatzit from the action aisle. As we were discussing it, he became upset and pouty thinking that there will never be a book fair ever again. I understand his pain. I've walked by quite a few things that tugged at me, for the most part now though, I don't even remember what they were. I wanted nothing more then to give him the $5 for his book. I mean, no mother likes to see thier kid upset. We knew there would be some rough patches throughout the year with this challenge - and really, we haven't had too many. What amazes me though is Andrew's fortitude and understanding. After we talked about it and I shared with him something that I wanted but was choosing to not buy, and he knew he wasn't alone in this, and that the challenge will end, he was fine! These children are so resilient!
My plan for tonight, to teach him other ways to get his needs and wants met, is to take him to the library and have him ask the librarians if they have the book that he can sign out. If that doesn't work, we will move onto using the internet as a resource - asking for it on freecyle, posting it on Kijiji or finding a used copy on Amazon. Even if we don't find the book he is looking for, he will have learned the valuable skill of being resourceful.