Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shopping soothes sadness?

Yesterday was not a good day for me. It was one of those sad/mad/tired/hopeless feeling kind of days. And nights. All I wanted was to curl up and fall asleep reading book 5 of a series I have been reading. But I didn't have book five. I called the library to see if they had it. It was closed. I posted on facebook and asked if anyone had it that I could borrow. Nada. I wanted to escape so badly that it crossed my mind to break the challenge and go to the store and buy it. (Then I thought about sending my husband, because he is less recognizable! lol) I gathered some strength around me and curled up to watch PVR'd America's Got Talent, a shabby chic book to finger through and tried not to think. (did you guys see that 10 year old little opera singer?! Wow! The world is sooo gifted with talent)
So at the end of the day I managed to fall asleep and wake up this morning in a better mood. Without breaking the challenge. Shopping doesn't have to be our savior.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

WHAT?! That is sooo cool!!

Just when I think the exposure of this challenge can't possibly go any further, something else pops up! I just found out that we are featured in an ebook!
These people looked at over 3000 sites and chose what they felt were the best 10 sites, on being green or going greener, in 10 different categories. Our blog is featured in the 'Inspiration' category. Other categories include children, garbage, pets, home, garden, money, resources, life and self. Remember - there 10 different sites in each of these categories. Please go check them out!

Going Global :)

The great guys from Global National - Francis Silvagio and his cameraman Mike, came out yesterday to follow up on how we are doing in the challenge and how we are handling a time where most of us ARE buying new - Back to School. We went out to the Salvage Centre where they saw that we were able to get some newer looking clothes, binders, pencil cases, even new packs of paper for when the boys return to school in September.
When I was growing up, it was almost considered a 'right' or the norm, to turf everything from one year to buy all new for the next; even if last years supplies were still good. This challenge has caused us to challenge a lot of what we always took for granted without even thinking. Why can't we reuse a binder? Is it because we aren't into last years colour? Are the doutangs really needing to be replaced just because a subject has been written in a corner? I looked at the stuff and wondered. If I am not into last years colour, why can't I just slip a different colour paper into the plastic sheath? Or print an 8X10 poster of whoever is 'cool' this year, whether that be Dora, Hannah Montana or Rescue Hero's? For the doutangs I could decopage over last years subject with a new piece of paper, or cover it with a sticker or picture. Pencil crayons CAN be resharpened. Many other supplies like scissors, markers, even paper can be found second hand pretty easily. We are meeting our needs through several different avenues - freecycle, second hand stores, the Salvage Centre, garage sale, and even hunting through our own house!
Some families worry about keeping it current so their kids don't feel left out of the 'cool' loop. I certainly understand that. People are transitioning through their stuff at a dizzying rate, so more often than not, my kids can find something that is 'in' when it is still 'in'! We are also teaching them about branding and how not to depend on brands for their identity. The tag on their shirt doesn't say if they are cool or not. How they view themselves says more about that then anything.
Does it take extra time to do this? Yes. Is it fun to use our creativity? Yes. Are the kids at the beginning of learning and being cognizant of their actions and purchases? Yes. Do they still long for something wrapped in 10 lbs of plastic off the action aisle? Yes. Are they learning delayed gratification? Yes. Will they get over it and find other ways to satisfy themselves and the fun factor? Yes. Am I beyond proud of them and our little family? You bet!