Friday, October 29, 2010

Another challenge....

As this challenge draws to a close, I find myself thinking ahead and wondering what to do for a challenge next year. This challenge really brought our family together on the same page. It gave the kids a great family identity. I am SO proud of them! If Jamie or I found ourselves pining away for something we saw on t.v. Andrew was always the first one to remind us about the challenge. Now, rather than ask 'Can we buy that?' they say, 'When we chose to buy things that are new, I think I would like to have XXX.' They are putting more thought into it now. They have been told that as a reward for participating so enthusiasticly all year they could each pick out a new toy once the challenge is over. I see them weighing their options and thinking about it a lot more.
People have asked me what is the first thing that I will buy once the challenge is over and I honestly don't know! What I have been thinking about though, is next years challenge...
The options are as endless as they can be personal. It can be anything from start recycling, to volunteering once a month, to starting family dinner/game night to finding a new way to meet some of your needs or wants. It doesn't have to be something you 'stop' doing (like we did with not buying anything new) it can be something you 'start' doing! That is going to be our focus this year. I just don't know what it is yet! Have you ever thought about what you would do?

show time...

As I write this, Global Calgary news are on their way to come interview us again. I always feel like such a poor ambassador to this challenge when I am interviewed. Trying to sound articulate and say something thought-provoking or inspirational while on the spot is a challenge all in itself! I have new respect for those who do it on a far more regular basis than I do!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I would get fired!

It is a good thing this blog isn't my job - because I'd get fired for inactivity! I am here now so lets see where my thoughts take me...
It is getting long now. Tedious. Tempting. We have been doing this for over nine months now. I can even see the light at the end of the tunnel! But I can also see the tunnel is full of enticing things I want that I have to walk by to get to the end of the challenge and see the light. Take two weeks ago for example - Craft, Stitching, Scrapbooking trade fair. I felt like a crack addict in a crack house!! (I mean no disrespect with that analogy)I was surrounded by all things creative. There were moments where I literally vibrated! lol Stickles for only a dollar?! Gorgeous ribbon for only $3?! That new thingamabob that looks like it will make my life so much more worth living?! On and On and On. I tried to tell myself that if I bought, I'd actually be *saving* money because I know I will buy it eventually. Some booths I walked by with my blinders on and didn't even dare explore.
Looking back now, I learned a couple things about myself; 1) it is okay to be tempted, it is what you choose to do with that feeling 2) that if I was really in the zen of this challenge I'd be able to explore each booth without blinders on, with peace in my heart. 3) that I managed to make it through the fair because I had friends keeping me accountable 4) in a lot of ways the challenge was a gift - an 'out' because I could have spent hundreds of dollars that day! lol 5) that I am proud of myself.
Not buying on the spot has enabled me to really think hard about the stuff I wanted to buy. I now have 3 months to weigh all things and make an informed, delayed, thoughtful decision.
Now is the challenge in the challenge for me - I've been great all year. I guess these next 3 months will tell me what kind of woman, consumer, or role-model I am. It will test my virtues of committment, perseverance and follow-through.
It will be interesting!